The way we interact with those around us tells a lot about the way we look at ourselves.

Usually, when we go through hardships, two things happen:

  • either we become stronger, more confident, more consistent in what we want from life
  • or … we don’t become stronger, more confident, more consistent in what we want from life
  • closer to family or closer to work
  • closer to home or closer to the office
  • more fixed in a certain…

A complete guide for lawyers with suggested creative tools to start implementing your legal marketing plan and boost your online presence

Now that you have defined what it means to market yourself and have your branding plan in order, it is time to see how you can better implement all those ideas to make your legal business grow. Depending on your scheduled activities, some online applications can help you win time, allowing you to concentrate more on your legal activities, all while still creating a professional image of your legal business.

1. Organising all those content ideas that go around your head.

We all write down ideas on whatever we have at hand —…

Learn how to digitalise your law office to remain more focused on your cases at hand, actively engage with your clients, collaborate better with peers.

We’ve all heard a lot of talks around the digitalisation of lawyers and their professional practice recently. We’ve heard less about what this exactly means and how we can achieve it without many hustles. The lack of information is genuinely due to the complexity of the phenomenon.

Six Characteristics a Lawyer Should Have When Starting a Long Term Collaboration for Your Business


  • Address: Rua da Imprensa Nacional, 116b, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Neighbourhood: Principe Real — Rato
  • Opening hours: 19:00–02:00, except Tuesdays (closed)
  • Atmosphere: artsy, poetic, calm, private, familiar
  • Service: Amicable and accommodating

To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world – Freya Stark

Ana Briard

Founder of @avoteca, writer, travel wonderer, freelance lawyer for freelancers

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