How much did we change? (inspirational)

Ana Briard
2 min readJul 2, 2021

The way we interact with those around us tells a lot about the way we look at ourselves.

Usually, when we go through hardships, two things happen:

  • either we become stronger, more confident, more consistent in what we want from life
  • or … we don’t become stronger, more confident, more consistent in what we want from life

After a pandemic year, in which all the values ​​and habits we were attached to were turned upside down, today we are different.

For many of us, this was the moment when we realized how we want our lives to be:

  • closer to family or closer to work
  • closer to home or closer to the office
  • more fixed in a certain place or freer to practice the profession wherever we want.

The best choice is any option that makes us happy, as long as we choose it for ourselves.

The exam is given when we see different models, and we do not know how to react to them.

With acceptance and opening or with rejection and closing.

It is said that the way we live our lives outside the office does not influence what we do during our professional activity.

What do you say?

By relating to others with understanding, we will be able to understand ourselves, as people and as professionals.

Learning new things — from other areas of law to completely different activities — makes us more respectful of the work of those who do something different than us, thus coming to truly appreciate our work.

This is how we reach fruitful, long-term collaborations, learning to offer, not just to receive.

I believe that whatever we choose, three things lead to our fulfillment both professionally and personally:

Once we manage to treat those around us in this way, not only we begin to see more good around us, but we will be even better with ourselves.

As lawyers, we have a broad vision of what is happening in the environment in which we live, coming into contact every day with various problems and personalities.

Let’s share this vision with the rest of the world! Let’s show that the legal profession must not disappear, but can be reinvented to answer these changes in society.

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Ana Briard

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