Stop deleting your “bad” pictures — those are your memories!

It’s been quite a time since I have decided that I should stop erasing the “bad” pictures immediately after taking them. (I’m still in the process, healing is hard!)


Because most of the time, it’s capturing the genuine moments you’ve spent in a particular place, together with unique people or in beautiful serenity all by yourself.

Have a face too red? Maybe it was that day when you spent too much time in the sun and had to ask your best friend to help you with cream, yogurt and tomatoes (I know, sounds super weird, but we were actually doing that when we were small — “grandma’s solutions”).

You’ve been caught while eating? Well, you remember the fun you had having those meals with your friends? Or maybe that stomach ache and after the entire “adventure” of going to a hospital in an unknown place?

How about that picture while you’re..not that sober? For sure there’s an incredible story behind! Or maybe a less happy ending story, maybe an a**h*le that dumped you and you went out with your friends to forget.

And the examples can continue.

Come on, even if you think now that those are memories not worth sharing, think later how many emotions that picture will bring to you when you’ll relive them, along with your family and beloved ones?

The idea is that looking back now at all your old pictures, let’s be honest, those are you’re best memories; the ones that you’ll be laughing, swearing, crying about.

So, next time you have this eager rush of immediately deleting your pictures next second you see them, just take a moment, relax and think about it.

That’s your life, don’t erase it, I say it’s worth keeping.

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Founder of @avoteca, writer, travel wonderer, freelance lawyer for freelancers

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